Change is coming.

Do you feel like something is coming? Something big?

It is.

A huge shift is headed our way. Most of us are ready for this. We have been waiting for something to give and to shake up life as we know it.

I pray this change is not war, but the impending attitude of war that surrounds us is really only a reflection of the war within each of us.

Right now we are still just waiting, but by the end of the month we will begin to see what is coming with greater clarity.

No matter what happens externally, the real changes are taking place internally first.

What are you ready to let go of?

What are you finally ready to shed once and for all?

This week is calling us all to look within, and let go of our ego. Let go of appearances and look to our soul for our real truth.

We are all in this world at this moment for a greater purpose.

We are here to bring about great change to the world as we know it.

That change starts within. We must get very real with ourselves and acknowledge why we are here, and what we know we are called to do.

This doesn’t mean we each must save the world right off the bat. It means we start where we are at. We take one small step towards our goals. We make realistic and lasting changes, one small step at a time.

Winning a war has always been about the small battles that add up to victory.

Our first battle is with our ego.

We must surrender it.

We must see how it is truly controlling us.

We must let it go.

If you need assistance in gaining clarity on what you must let go of, I am here to help. Reach out and let’s set up a clarity session today.

With love,