Cancer New Moon

Hello Lovelies!

I spent this past weekend at an astrological conference in Michigan, and it was oh so enlightening!! I am not doing a New Moon class for the Cancer New Moon tomorrow, but I wanted to share an update on it as it is not only the New Moon, but it is also a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer. The eclipse happens at 10 degrees cancer, so if you have your natal chart, take a look and see where 10 degrees Cancer falls, what house is it in and are there any planets within a few degrees of it? The house it falls in is where you can expect to see radical transformations in the form of your emotions, and how it relates to your home. The planets close by it will be activated as well (I’m talking within 2-3 degrees), so there will be extra emphasis on the energy of those planets.

For me, the eclipse falls in my 4th house, the house of roots, property, housing, etc. And I have already been feeling this as the last week has unfolded. I’m unsettled in my house, simply bc the AirBNB, while great for my income, makes my house not feel like a real home. It’s been becoming abundantly clear to me that I need to find my real home. I’ve been feeling all of that just in this lead up to the eclipse, so I can’t even imagine what further exploration tomorrow’s energy will bring, but I’m hoping it presents the perfect new living situation for me all wrapped up in a neat little package with a bow on top. HAHAHA!

While that would be amazing, I also know that is not how this eclipse energy is going to work. It’s going to be a radical transformation that comes about over the next 6 months, there will be some discomfort I’m sure, and as we have Mercury going retrograde from 7/7 – 8/1, the immediate fallout of this eclipse energy over the next month is going to feel a bit intense probably.

Fear not! Just know that what is meant for your highest good IS coming, but we must allow the emotional waters of Cancer to wash over us first, clear away what is no longer serving us, and LET IT GO!! I think that may be the best advice I can give for the upcoming month, acknowledge your emotions, see what they are telling you, and then LET THEM GO!! Don’t get caught up in it all, as soon enough you will be looking back thinking “Why was I so upset?? This is exactly what I needed!”

TRUST. Trust that the Universe is working it all out for your highest good, and let any of the fear, worry, or doubt wash away from you now.
I learned a lot about the energy going on while I was at the conference, and what I will say is that 2020 is going to be a life altering year. We have transformational energy transits happening that haven’t happened for thousands upon thousands of years. Society is coming to a major turning point. What this means and how it will play out no one can really say yet, but this eclipse happening tomorrow is the precursor to some MAJOR changes. Don’t resist the change, as what you resist now, will only be heightened to an extreme next year. Learn to lean in. Learn to trust.
Focus on how and where you can create harmony, joy, and peace for yourself. Make self care a priority. Strengthen your love yourself. These will be invaluable skills over the next year.

Set your intentions for tomorrow on where you want to see your life going. Visualize. Write it out. Feel what it feels like to have that dream. Hold that thought. When fear creeps in and your vision feels threatened, let the fear go. If you hold that vision tight, IT WILL COME! It may not appear to look exactly like what you wanted, but rest assured it will be even better than you can imagine.

Let me know if you need help finding 10 degrees cancer in your chart, and I can tell you exactly where this eclipse energy is hitting for you.

Much love to you all,
Christine Compas