Bringing Clarity, Purpose, and Healing

I view astrology as a Universal Energy Weather Forecast. By understanding our own inherent energy makeup, as well as the energy currently going on around us, we are able to navigate life's daily opportunities and challenges with great ease and confidence.

I specialize in helping people tap into the knowledge, insight, and power that astrology offer us. I do this through one on one clarity sessions and through my personal coaching program where I utilize astrology and other coaching tools to help me teach individuals how to find their own inner confidence, tap into their vulnerable spirit, and open them to their bright inner light so they can learn how to shine that light brightly into the world.



"You must do something everyday to satisfy the Cosmic Plan for which you were sent here." - Parmahansa Yogananda

What have you done today to further your Cosmic Plan?

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"I really wanted somebody to just tell me what I thought I wanted to hear. Instead, what I got was insight into what I really I needed to hear. True unadulterated facts and wisdom from a very kind, helpful person. My expectations were exceeded greatly during my experience."

Coaching Client

"Working with Christine has been life changing!! She has taught me how to step back, write things down, plan and move forward. All in a not overwhelming way. She helps you see things in a way that does not look impossible. I also feel that her astrology knowledge is a huge benefit know how the energy is affecting you."

Coaching Client

"I was able to look at things in all areas of my life with a different perspective which made my daily life more enjoyable. My mindset shifted for the better and I learned to live in accordance with the astrological energies in the atmosphere. It also helped me better understand my relationship with others whether it be those close to me, people I just met or even those I have yet to meet."

Coaching Client

"Working with Christine as a coach was beneficial to my life in several ways. She helped me dig deeper into myself and my mindset to go after my goals, make a plan, and get results. I gained confidence as I was held accountable and became stronger in knowing myself. Christine made it easy to have an open, honest conversation to get to the root of how I act and think, and tackle any challenges. I always felt like she had my best interests at heart and truly wanted to see me succeed and become the best version of me. Coaching gives me the kick in the butt and motivation I need to get the change I desire, but with Christine I also found support in finding my inner power and strengths."

Coaching Client