Clarity Sessions

In my Clarity Session calls, I provide you with an in depth astrology report that will address the issues underlying the area you are seeking clarity around, but I also like to do an interactive session where I can dive deeper into the energy, ask questions about what is currently going on for you, in order to apply the insights that I see, and better understand how the energy is actually playing out in your life. As we go over your energy, and I begin to see the bigger picture of your life, that is when I am ultimately able to provide a higher intuitive guidance that comes to me through our conversation.

Personality Profile

In this session, you will receive a detailed birth chart report highlighting everything about your own personal energy make up. This session is useful for determining your innate talents, purpose, and path in life. 


With this session you will receive an in depth look at how you and your partner's energy meshes together. Any two people can fall in love, but making it last long term can be challenging. This guide will give you the map to long term success!

Parental Guidance

Understanding your children can be a difficult road at times. Astrology offers parents the ability to know their child's mannerisms even before they can speak. Learn how to better understand your child, and become the best guide they could have ever asked for in life.

Mini Reading

For the mini reading I will take a look at your chart and the current transits occuring, in order to answer any questions you have and provide clarity and guidance. You will receive a 20 min audio recording as well as a follow up report which will inform you of all the energetic transits going on for you, as well as explaining the energy of all of them. 

Solar Return Forecast

Every year on our birthday the sun returns to its original position in our chart, marking it's solar return. This session offer a 12 month forecast from your birthday on the type of energy and year that lay ahead. This session makes an amazing birthday gift for anyone who appreciates being in flow and tapping into the wisdom of the stars!

Coaching Sessions

While clarity sessions can provide a lot of insight and guidance, where I find that I am able to help someone the most is through consistent, on going coaching. Through continued coaching, I am able to help my clients navigate and create long lasting changes that significantly improve their lives for the better.

1-on-1 Coaching

In my 1-on-1 coaching programs I provide my clients with a plan to radically transform their lives to be living on point with their true purpose and path. Schedule a free strategy session with me today and let's talk about what the stars have in store for you!

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"I really wanted somebody to just tell me what I thought I wanted to hear. Instead, what I got was insight into what I really I needed to hear. True unadulterated facts and wisdom from a very kind, helpful person. My expectations were exceeded greatly during my experience."

Coaching Client

"Working with Christine has been life changing!! She has taught me how to step back, write things down, plan and move forward. All in a not overwhelming way. She helps you see things in a way that does not look impossible. I also feel that her astrology knowledge is a huge benefit know how the energy is affecting you."

Coaching Client

"I was able to look at things in all areas of my life with a different perspective which made my daily life more enjoyable. My mindset shifted for the better and I learned to live in accordance with the astrological energies in the atmosphere. It also helped me better understand my relationship with others whether it be those close to me, people I just met or even those I have yet to meet."

Coaching Client