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Wake Up with Spirit Seeker Hosted by Cynde Meyer

On the first Friday of every month, I join renowned Psychic Medium, Cynde Meyer, on her weekly radio show, Wake Up with Spirit Seeker, to deliver the months energetic forecast. Cynde also provides her own energetic advice, Feng Shui tips, we discuss New Moon/Full Moon happenings, and at the end we take calls and do readings live on the air. Tune in on the first Friday of each month at 9 AM CST to check it out! Below are all our past shows.

Wake Up with Spirit Seeker: July 3, 2020

Wake Up with Spirit Seeker: June 5, 2020

Wake Up with Spirit Seeker: May 15, 2020

Wake Up with Spirit Seeker: April 17, 2020

Wake Up with Spirit Seeker: April 3, 2020

Wake Up with Spirit Seeker: March 6, 2020

Wake Up with Spirit Seeker: February 7, 2020

Wake Up with Spirit Seeker: December 6, 2019

Wake Up with Spirit Seeker: November 8, 2019

Wake Up with Spirit Seeker: October 25, 2019


Wes Hoffman with Friends by Treehouse Network : 

Hosted by Wes Hoffman, this podcast brings in people from business, music, and anywhere else. Follow for positive conversations about motivation, inspiration, business, and positivity.


Impolite Company: Impolite Company is happy to be part of the St. Louis Live morning block on WGNU 920 AMfrom 6-7am Monday through Friday. Listen live on the stations website, or listen later on  on iTunesSpotifyGoogle Play, and other services. Or on Impolite Company’s homepage!

Impolite Company Episode 37: 

Christine Compas is a regular on local storytelling shows who’s stepping up her stand up comedy game. Christine is hosting a special showcase at Brennan’s for Comedy Penthouse this weekend. We discuss all of her various side hustles on today’s Impolite Company, including Vision Boards.

Impolite Company Episode 93:

Christine Compas joins Impolite Company’s host, Chris Cyr this morning. Christine is a comic, a story teller, and after last night, a leading author of fecaphilliac erotica. She discusses her strategy for an upcoming comedy contest, car accidents, crystals, and snack foods. Then she gives away the secrets to interviewing with professional recruiters. Spoiler alert: You can lie to them all you want. Chris found a dirty diaper and a toaster pastry on top of a gas pump on his way home last night.


Activate Your Life: 50 Transformational Exercises From Coaches Around The World

In 2018, I was asked to join 50 other life coaches from around in the world in contributing to the Active Your Life book project. The goal was for us each to submit an exercise which we have personally seen be monumental in transforming the lives of the clients that we work with. The result, is a book that is full of life changing exercises, that when implemented, can help any individual radically transform their life for the better.

I am so excited to see my New Moon Vision Board exercise be a part of this book. Over the years, I have watched hundreds of people manifest their intentions with greater ease and speed, by channeling the astrological energy into their goals, and to be able to now share this exercise with the world leaves me so incredibly full of joy.

An Amazon #1 Best Seller!!


"Working with Christine as a coach was beneficial to my life in several ways. She helped me dig deeper into myself and my mindset to go after my goals, make a plan, and get results. I gained confidence as I was held accountable and became stronger in knowing myself. Christine made it easy to have an open, honest conversation to get to the root of how I act and think, and tackle any challenges. I always felt like she had my best interests at heart and truly wanted to see me succeed and become the best version of me. Coaching gives me the kick in the butt and motivation I need to get the change I desire, but with Christine I also found support in finding my inner power and strengths."

Coaching Client

"I was able to look at things in all areas of my life with a different perspective which made my daily life more enjoyable. My mindset shifted for the better and I learned to live in accordance with the astrological energies in the atmosphere. It also helped me better understand my relationship with others whether it be those close to me, people I just met or even those I have yet to meet."

Coaching Client

"Working with Christine has been life changing!! She has taught me how to step back, write things down, plan and move forward. All in a not overwhelming way. She helps you see things in a way that does not look impossible. I also feel that her astrology knowledge is a huge benefit know how the energy is affecting you."

Coaching Client

"I really wanted somebody to just tell me what I thought I wanted to hear. Instead, what I got was insight into what I really I needed to hear. True unadulterated facts and wisdom from a very kind, helpful person. My expectations were exceeded greatly during my experience."

Coaching Client